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Rough cut – My First Fursuit Video

This is a rough cut of the episode where Weena tries on the fursuit she’s made for the first time. What differences can you find between this cut and the final version? How does the meaning of the episode seem to change between the two edits of this episode? Why do you think we made the changes?

Script – House Party

There are times when we use storyboards to plan an episode, but there are times when we don’t need to plan every shot quite so carefully, or we can’t plan. At those other times, we’ve taken to to writing up a three-column page which indicates what we’ll see on screen (sometimes including screen shots or pictures that are more or less what we want to see), what props we will need, and what the characters will say. This is quicker than storyboarding, but still makes it clear what we will see on screen in a way which is not all tangled up in the puppets’ lines. Having a separate column for props is really helpful as a shopping list.
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