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Lesson Resources – Twittering With Blaine Cook

Blaine Cook continues to think hard about future directions for social media. You can follow his thoughts at his blog or Twitter stream . We particularly liked his post Facebook Is My New Boatcar, a discussion of Facebook’s privacy, interface, and applications which generated a lot of commentary in the community.

Lesson Resources: What’s Fair Use?

Copyright and fair use are complex and often depend on the details of the situation of use. As a result, Professor Grimmelmann insisted on not getting too specific; he didn’t want to give bad legal advice.

You can research the issues further with the following resources:

Lesson Resources: Cootie Catcher

The article which spawned this episode was from Advertising Age: “Nike’s Phil Knight on Show Business vs. Shoe Business.”

You may have noticed we’re a little annoyed by the word “interactive.” OK, maybe more than a little. Here’s why: “a lightswitch is interactive.” (Greg Kostikyan, “I Have No Words & I Must Design.”)
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