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Lesson Resources – Secondary Sexual Characteristics

Many people tell us they don’t really remember what a “secondary sexual characteristic” is, which makes this a little hard to understand. That link should refresh your students’ memories.

This is a good time to mention the Media Education Foundation, which also has great, longer-form, more serious videos about many of the topics we cover. If you’re talking about representation of women in the media, representation of men in the media, or gender codes in general, they’ve got videos for you.

Keep in mind that because this episode spoofs a sex education video, if you have high school students or younger, you may find it necessary to get permission slips if you plan on screening this episode.

Lesson Resources – Selling You

A resource we really love on this topic is the “The Product Is You” section of the New York Times Magazine’s Murketing blog. The section contains many more examples of “selling” an audience to potential ad placers. Compare a few of them — how are different audiences being talked about? What about them is being emphasized?
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Lesson Resources – My Hotness Is Pastede On Yey!

A LOT of research went into this episode — which means we have a lot of additional resources to provide you for your lesson plan!

Greg Apodaca, a professional graphics artist/photo retoucher, maintains an album on his site which we used in our episode (the before/after shots of the girl in the bikini). Sites like his (as well as Iwanex Studio) can give students great insight into the professional practices of photo retouchers — and might even give them pause for thought when they see them “in the wild.” Photoshop Disasters, of course, casts a critical eye on when this kind of professional work goes horribly, horribly wrong. Additional lesson resources about how models are prepared for photo shoots can be found on PBS Kids’s fabulous Don’t Buy It! media literacy website (aimed at a slightly younger audience).
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Lesson Resources – Real American Girls and Response

If you’re bothered by the way American Girls dolls or other dolls sell a particular idea of girlhood, you might look for the book Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters from Marketers’ Schemes. We also like this parody of boys’ toy ads which makes action figures out of the literary Brontë sisters.
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