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Teaching Media Literacy – Viewing the final product

Here’s a slightly more in-depth video of the final day of our high school class than the overview video we produced as a report on the project. Just to give you a (less-edited!) sense of how running a class like this might go. This segment shows students viewing and reviewing the Coach Poppy ad.
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Teaching The Media Show: Vlog Day 4

On the final day of the class, we screened the videos we had produced from students’ storyboards and gave them a special surprise — a video review from producers at the Gottesman Video Collective. This video shows that process, including students’ reactions to our edits (they laughed hysterically about the JibJab-like introductions we animated using their photos and voiceovers, and we just about lost control of the class) and to the feedback from producers (they were on the edge of their seats and looked worried, but expressed relief when they realized that “critique” means both positive and critical comments).

Storyboards – Red Shirt Revue

This episode was really complicated, with lots of props, settings, and special greenscreen tricks. And when it came to the alien chest pop, we were only going to be able to do it once. So I wanted to ensure we knew exactly what each shot would look like. This time I used color, because in the last episode I’d storyboarded (Secondary Sexual Characteristics) I only used pencils, and it was sort of hard to tell what was going on.

Compare these shots to the final episode. What’s the same, and what’s different? Give your reasoning for why you think each choice was made.