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Viral video: Viral memes

We tried a few strategies to get our videos more attention. Elsewhere we’ve talked about our short, funny “public service announcement” videos. The thinking with those was that people would want to send them to other people, and we’d get viewed that way.

With a few other videos, we tried to be more “findable” instead of more “forwardable.” The Caramelldansen, Get Down, and Weena’s First Fursuit videos were some of these. Caramelldansen and Get Down/Geddan are both Internet dance “memes” — simple ideas that different people record their own take on, often using other pop culture characters, then upload their videos. “My First Fursuit Walk” is a sort of a genre of video among “furries,” or people who are fans of animal cartoons and team mascot-like “fursuit” costumes.
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