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Set Changes

“Set Up! Our New Set, In Production” shows Gus, set intern Lindsay Shields, and others changing the set for the new season.

The main aim for the set change was making it so puppeteers Abby, Gus, and others could perform standing up or on higher stools. When we were sitting on low stools, our arms and necks really hurt from holding the puppets up for a long time! But there were other reasons we made the changes too.

Among the changes we made were:
adding a solid-colored backdrop
adding 3d elements (boxes and tables) to the background and foreground
changing the camera angle
changing the placement of posters behind the puppets

Why do you think we made these changes? Watching this video and other videos from the Fall 2009 season, what looks better — and what doesn’t look as good! — as the Spring 2008 season?

How does the lighting change while the Set Up! video goes on? What changes do you notice in how the lights make the set look? (Pause the video if you need to!)

Compare the Set Up! video to the Origin Stories video, or other early videos; also compare it to other videos made afterwards. We kept making small changes as the season went on.

What other changes have happened to the set and lighting over time? Why do you think those changes were made? What looks better or worse, and why?

Compare what you can see of our set to what you can see on this video about the making of The Muppet Show:

How does the size of the Media Show set compare to the Muppet Show sets you see? How do you think size affects what the directors needed to do with cameras and lighting?