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One Year On: A Report

When The Media Show had been in production for about a year, AfterEd TV’s managers asked me to write up a summary of the past year. This was what I wrote, covering production, publicity, and distribution. Note that our take on YouTube and deviantArt has changed in the year since.

Look at the episodes before and after this document. Did we manage to make the appropriate changes? Which parts of this assessment were correct, and which do you think were off-base?


Weekly production may be overrated.

By now, we have a good, if small, core of subscribers on YouTube and followers on Facebook. A large number of our YouTube views come from the subscriber pages. This probably means people are finding us automatically, without being reminded a new episode is up because of what day it is.
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Viral video: Things you could send Aunt Mabel

Some Media Show episodes, like the Online Predators, Jingles All The Way, and Secondary Sexual Characteristics episodes, are pretty edgy. Edgy videos might get sent around among people who like that kind of thing, but the really successful viral videos are the ones which can be accepted by a general audience — the ones you would send to your Aunt Mabel as well as to the friend you were partying with last night.

In the second season of The Media Show, we planned a series of super-short, funny videos which we hoped people would pass around. We chose Internet topics which we thought people could relate to and maybe hadn’t seen any other videos about. This resulted in the Passive Aggressive Smileys, Auto-Loading Sounds, Netiquette, Warcraft E-Card, and (revised) Snopes Before You Send videos.

Compare the view counts for these short “public service announcement” videos with the view counts for other videos. Do you think they were more successful than the others in “going viral”? What aspects of each video do you think contributed to or detracted from viewers’ willingness to send them along?