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One Year On: A Report

When The Media Show had been in production for about a year, AfterEd TV’s managers asked me to write up a summary of the past year. This was what I wrote, covering production, publicity, and distribution. Note that our take on YouTube and deviantArt has changed in the year since.

Look at the episodes before and after this document. Did we manage to make the appropriate changes? Which parts of this assessment were correct, and which do you think were off-base?


Weekly production may be overrated.

By now, we have a good, if small, core of subscribers on YouTube and followers on Facebook. A large number of our YouTube views come from the subscriber pages. This probably means people are finding us automatically, without being reminded a new episode is up because of what day it is.
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Lesson Resources – Real American Girls and Response

If you’re bothered by the way American Girls dolls or other dolls sell a particular idea of girlhood, you might look for the book Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters from Marketers’ Schemes. We also like this parody of boys’ toy ads which makes action figures out of the literary Brontë sisters.
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