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Production: Faking a webcam

One of the original ideas for the show was that Weena and Erna would be filming it on their webcam, at least part of the time. In a bunch of early episodes — the pilot, early responses, Yell and Sell, Hot Gossip, and the first version of the Snopes video — there are sections with this “webcam” effect. Sometimes we filmed it with a lower-quality camera, at a different angle; sometimes we didn’t. Sometimes we forgot to! Even when we did film it with a lower-quality camera, it still sometimes was not different enough from the main camera angle to look like a real webcam. When that happened, we added in effects in post-production to try to make it more webcam-like. Did it work? How do these clips look the same as or different from real webcam footage?

We used this effect to make a difference between the parts where the puppets prompt viewers to respond and the rest of the show; also, to film shorter episodes. Over time, as you can see, we changed how we did this. Some versions only have a grainy “webcam” look. Others have writing onscreen to describe what is going on. Some use a different camera angle, and some did not.

Which do you think was more effective — making the viewer prompt parts different, or leaving them the same as the rest of the show? Of the times when we did use the webcam effect, which do you think works best? Describe particular visual elements to make your case.

Viral video: A “Muppet Bump”?

On November 23, 2009, MuppetsStudio, a YouTube channel associated with the Jim Henson puppetry studio, posted a music video set to the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody. It was a viral success. Blogs linked to it, people passed it around via Facebook and Twitter, and it got millions of views (over 12 million by the time this was written!).

Curiously, the popularity of the Bohemian Rhapsody video looked to Gus like it was helping The Media Show as well.
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Whoops! – What’s In A Flame?

Sometimes when you’re out on a shoot, things are chaotic and you mess something up in a way that’s not easy to fix. Check out the outdoor and locker room scenes in the What’s In A Flame? episode. They look kinda weird, right? But in a way that makes some sense: it maybe looks like we were trying to make it look like faded tape from an old TV show.

Can you guess why they look that way? The answer is…

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