Teaching Media Literacy – Viewing the final product

Here’s a slightly more in-depth video of the final day of our high school class than the overview video we produced as a report on the project. Just to give you a (less-edited!) sense of how running a class like this might go. This segment shows students viewing and reviewing the Coach Poppy ad.

As you can see, we almost lost control of the class when they saw the silly introduction Skye had done of their classmates in animated JibJab style. Gus decided to pause the video, let them laugh it off, acknowledge it was kind of strange, and move on without dwelling on it. Note also how Gus deals with one student who was consistently disruptive throughout the entire project, heckling her and the other teachers.

This final day was devoted to comparing the mashed-up videos with the original videos. The goal was to reiterate the points made in previous lessons: that changing the visual, audio, and written aspects of an ad can change how you feel about a product.

How well do you think students were able to identify differences between advertisements? From what you have seen in these videos, do you think they grasped the way these differences change how an audience feels about a product?

What do you think about how Gus managed the class? How might you have done it differently? How do you think student critique and reception of others’ work went, in particular?