Teaching Media Literacy – Technical Problems

One of the biggest obstacles in teaching with technology can be the technology itself. In the two vignettes in this video, Gus recounts some struggles she and the students had with technology on one of the five days she and Skye spent testing out The Media Show with a Brooklyn high school class.

You’ll notice the big issues here were file format and size. When it comes to video, these are hugely important. Large files are hard to send from one place to another without compression (email is generally not a good way to do it), and both Gus and one of the students ran into this problem. Another problem was format; Gus had attempted to play a video on this classroom’s computers, which were missing the tools to play a particular Mac codec. It’s good to have a sense of which codecs your media players can deal with when going into a classroom (as well as being sure you have a CD or DVD drive available to play videos); testing the videos out in a dry run beforehand is ideal. When in doubt, try bringing the video in a few different formats.

What else is on your checklist for using video in a classroom?