Production meetings at the Gottesman Video Collective

Production meetings are central to our video-making process at GVC. Without them, many of us we wouldn’t know half as much about video production as we do! These Monday morning meetings are a time to talk about the videos published the previous week, discuss what worked and what didn’t, share tips on how to do better next time, help each other solve problems, and discuss what work needs to be done in the coming week.

Through this process, we learn from each other. Some people started at the lab with more experience than others, and frequently they share their technical expertise. But each of us has learned a little bit simply by working on production, and that also contributes to the group’s shared knowledge. Nick, our equipment manager, performed a number of tests with the cameras which generated some knowledge about how to use them to their best effect. We also periodically work through tutorials on or even on YouTube (which is where we picked up some tips about greenscreening and puppet construction), and bring that information back to the group. Frequently, we find that our high school and college interns teach us as much as we teach each other! Intern Corinne, for example, taught us a lot about color correction, and Reynaldo worked out some neat rotoscoping tricks using AfterEffects.

In this video Jill shares her tips on getting rid of the noise from an air conditioner on an audio track, and Gus says a little bit about how she solved a problem using Motion. We discuss the final episode of The Media Show produced at GVC — the spam spider episode — as well as other videos produced the same week.

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