Storyboard – Where Spam Comes From

Storyboard for the Where Does Spam Come From? episode

This is the half-finished storyboard from the Where Spam Comes From episode. Once again, an episode that was going to rely heavily on specific camera angles for a good effect.

Gus messed up a few times. Notice the angle of the spider in a few pictures. As it happens, shooting at those angles would have been impossible or very difficult: the spider was on a heavy, awkward backpack-mounted marionette rig which didn’t work when you tilted it. And if we’d turned the spider around completely, the people operating the puppet would have been in the shot! Basically, we threw the storyboard out the window when we realized how the spider would have to work. Sometimes you just run into physical obstacles which make it impossible to set up the shot the way you thought you would.

We did, however, actually use three cameras during the shoot. Annnnd… two of them didn’t produce any good footage at all. Our second tripod-mounted camera was just aimed the wrong way. And the camera we mounted on the spider itself caught too much of the puppeteers and not enough of anything else.

What would you have done with this episode in terms of angles? Are there any you would add?